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About Us

Premium Productions is an award-winning multi-media video production firm based in Tupelo, Mississippi. For over 15 years Premium Productions has been delivering our clients’ corporate vision from concept to completion.

In this age of mobile, multi-format, high-definition video, the quality and availability of your video can be critical to the success of your organization and perception of your corporate brand. Whether you’re communicating a message, advertising, training or educating, the quality of your corporate image will define your business in the eyes of your existing and potential customers.

IMG_5711-2Premium Productions has been delivering high quality corporate video and audio production for over fifteen years, delivering on time, exceeding expectations and achieving award-winning results for our clients.

Premium Productions also provide detailed photography that will showcase your special event, business’s products or services.

Our mission is to provide a quality service at the best value to our clients, while minimizing costs and achieving the desired results. Premium Productions and The Premium Network can deliver the corporate image our clients envision.

Premium Productions audio services provide voiceovers for corporate imaging, television and radio commercials, websites, voicemail greeting and automated telephone system menus.


Bohner Wedding 244-1Bloomberg Businessweek reports that more than 75% of the American workforce is mobile. This means that in-person training is hard to coordinate and even harder to execute. Video provides the opportunity for on-demand learning, regardless of the employee’s location or schedule.

According to a study by IKO Research, the average organization spends $5,000 training each sales rep. This price tag could be slashed by using video for training. In fact, some of the biggest names in technology have been enjoying the financial benefits of video training for years. In a case study, IBM reported that it had saved $579 million over 2 years by using video for training purposes. Microsoft reported that their training expenses dropped from $320/employee to $17/employee by adopting video.

In a Forrester Research poll, 75% of respondents agreed that they were more likely to watch a training video than thumb through documents or scroll through emails and web articles. This yields a better-trained and happier workforce that gets better results for your organization.

If you’re ready to save money and train your employees more effectively, connect with us today!

What Others Say

We Love our new promotional video. You guys did a great job!!!! We cannot thank you enough for doing this for us- it looks great and I cannot wait to show it to several people.
Robby ParmanRegional Rehab Center
Thank you for doing such a wonderful job on our “Dancing Like the Stars” video! You guys are the best!
Evie BoydMarketing DirectorBoys & Girls Club of North MS
I just wanted to thank you for the awesome video that you guys shot for our company showing our new LED down light. The video turned out GREAT and you were a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your professionalism, patience and fast turn-around. I look forward to working with you again very soon!!
Jessica Ridgway-BarnesMarketing DirectorPHILIPS
The City of Tupelo, MS is proud and fortunate to have Premium Productions come film and broadcast our city council meetings each month. They have been providing this service to our city for over 6 years now and are a professional company that we can depend on.
Jason SheltonMayorTupelo, MS